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30 Ways To Get Along With Your Relatives

I had a great time during our pre-Christmas celebration with relatives. Barring one brief kid melt-down for having picked the annually re-gifted Elvis picture in the white elephant gift exchange, the entire family enjoyed...


Yummy Banana Mango Sherbet

This past summer, I was on a bit of a smoothie kick. Now that the Chicago winter has made its presence known, the thought of a cold smoothie just didn’t appeal to me. That...


Choose Your Kid: This Moment Will Last A Lifetime

You’ve been waiting all week to get to your project. You’ve got everything typed in your task list on your iPhone. You’ve been obsessing about refinishing your disgusting laundry sink because you just found out...


A Neat Kid Equals A Happy Mommy

A neat kid equals a happy mommy. Take it from me: when you encourage your kid to be neat right from the start, you’ll be so much happier. Even if he’s only neat sometimes....


How To Give Feedback To A Child

How to give feedback to a child is a bit of a tight rope walk. If you want to correct them, they could just refuse or feel bad. If you praise them too much,...


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