The Art of Talking With Your Kid

The art of talking with your kid is a skill I haven’t mastered yet, but I’m learning.

Morning Bus

Since my little guy rides the school bus in the morning, I look forward to picking him up and talking on the drive home. Usually, he bounces out the school door and gives me a big kiss and hug.

Me and My ShadowThe roadblocks happen once we get to the car. I hand him his snacks and start in on my conversation attempt.

Me: How was school?
He: Great
Me: What did you do?
He: Play.
Me: What else happened today?
He: It’s too complicated to explain.

How can kindergarten be too complicated? I take this as my cue to stop.

Not willing to be shut out so easily, I went online and found this article about the 25 different ways to ask how school was without asking them how school was. So I tried it.

Me: What was the best thing that happened at school today?
He: Recess
Me: Tell me something that made you laugh today.
He: Recess
Me: If you could choose, who would you like to sit by in class?
He: You know, the usual people.
Me: Where is the coolest place at the school?
He: The playground.


0426_v2_PlaygroundClearly this line of questioning was not working. I probably wasn’t being as creative or fun with my questions. After the fourth question answered by minimal word answers, I gave up. The kid wasn’t talking.

So I handed him his expected bag of snacks for the 20 minute ride home. And I settled in for the drive.

Me: Here you go.
He: Thanks! (chomp, chomp, chomp). Mmmm this is so good. You know what mom?
Me: What?

Names have been changed to protect the privacy of kids involved.

He: Karen told Eric she doesn’t love him anymore. I didn’t hear it myself but she told me that’s what she said.
Me: How did you not hear it?
He: Well she didn’t exactly tell him herself. She told Jim to tell him.
Me: What? That’s silly. Why didn’t she tell him herself?
He: Because he was sitting at the other table so she told Jim to tell Eric.
Me: Why did she tell Jim to tell him?
He: Because Jim was sitting at her table and he was closer to Eric.
Me: What did Eric say?
He: Nothing. Eric didn’t hear him. He was too busy talking to someone else.
Me: Oh. That’s interesting.

Note to self: Hand over the snacks and sit back and enjoy the drive.

Ahhhh..the art of talking with your kid. Who knew it could be this easy (for now anyway!)




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