Winter in Chicago Is A Hard Time of Year

Winter in Chicago is a hard time of year for me, but that’s not surprising to people who know me.

I need a vacation!
I need a vacation!

I really think my blood is calibrated for tropical temperatures.

For example, when I lived in Hawaii, (I know…why move…but that’s another post), I managed to use my car heater several times. The seals in my car’s air conditioner even cracked because I was hardly using it. Silly me…

FlipFlop2Hawaii called. She wants her flip-flop back.

When I lived in California, I whined that my San Francisco air-conditioned office felt like sub-zero temperatures. I didn’t know what that really felt like until I moved to Chicago!! Note to self, “Watch what you say.”

During Blizzard: Shoveled pathway. 1 Hour Later: Unshoveled pathway.

I’m also known for turning on my car’s butt heater in the middle of a Chicago summer. Sometimes, I forget to turn it off — particularly when I sit on the passenger’s seat. Passengers my husband ends up driving around sweat it out until they realize that the seat is abnormally warm. My husband turns off the butt heater and tells them I have issues; I’m inclined to agree.

I know I parked my car here somewhere.Honey…have you seen the car?

It’s not that I hate winter per se. I just hate all forms of being cold. If I could, I would stay indoors and have everything delivered to me. But since I can’t, I have to live like the other Chicagoans do.

They bundle up and cart their kids around.

Blizzard – shmizzard!

They even drag themselves to work any way they can. Because whether I like it or not, things need to get done. During my 7 years (or so) of working in the corporate world, I wished and wished for a snow day. When does it happen? After I quit!


Snow Bike2Aw snap! Looks like I’m taking public transportation!

And they jog. There’s always someone out jogging somewhere. Yeah…really.


Newsflash: This is not me…and it never will be!

One good thing about winter in Chicago is that it’s really photogenic. It took a lot to coax myself to get out and take some shots. After several weeks, a blizzard, snow pants and several layers, I finally got out there! Only my feet and hands were chilly. Next time, I’ll buy some hand warmers and double up on the socks!


Woman Walking_brightcoat

Who said winter was gray?

Until next time, stay warm! And if you’re already warm, stay cool.

Hat n Gloves

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