Kids Say Creepy Things

Sometimes, kids say creepy things.

A few days ago, my son hid a thank you card from the latest birthday party he went to somewhere in the living room. He wanted to play find-the-card with his dad.

By the time his dad came home, it was dusk. Shadows were starting to form in the living room. The little guy couldn’t take the suspense any longer and just wanted to show his dad the card.

Little Guy: Come with me.

Dad: Why.

Little Guy: It’s dark in the living room, but I want to show you the pirate card I got.

They go to the living room and the little guy points his dad to the corner. He hid the card underneath the keyboard. As my husband bends down to pick up the card, my little guy says in a hushed tone, “Dad, let’s get out of here.”

Dad: Why?

Little Guy: It’s creepy in here.

Dad: What do you mean?

Little Guy: Dad, I want to get out of here. 

Dad: Why? 

Little guy: There’s something behind you.

You know that adrenaline moment when the world slows down and all you can hear is your heart beating in your chest? It was that moment and my husband froze. The hairs on the backs of his arms began to tingle.

Little guy: Dad, there’s two eyes behind you.

Slowly my husband turned around hoping not to see anything. Instead, he found himself face-to-face with a pair of red eyes.

Face-to-face with a pair of creepy red eyes.

Face-to-face with a pair of creepy red eyes.


Click here for the thrilling conclusion.


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